Manufacturer Of Reflective Woven And Reflective Binding piping

Gblight is leading manufacturer of reflective woven films, color reflective binding piping and woven reflective tapes including with wide range of reflective woven fabrics for modern industrial applications. Our high-strength reflective woven tapes are well known throughout the globe due its excellent refractive properties matching all international standards confirmed through extensive testing. Our reflective woven tapes and reflective yarns are highly flexible and durable and rarely found in series of woven fabrics available in the market.

These reflective woven are also known for their heat resistant capabilities is a plus point for customers located in high temperature areas. These reflective woven are manufactured through high quality material which makes them water resistant & resilient to low temperatures as well. Our reflective woven tapes and yarns are known for their strength & durability which is why there are preferred in manufacturing reflective woven products such as reflective shoes, reflective jackets, construction dresses, Sportsmen Gloves, etc.

Our company also specializes in manufacturing top-quality reflective binding piping which is available in wide range of colors such as gold, green, purple, brown, etc. Our streamlined R&D services and practices require manufacturing reflective woven films, piping and tapes with international standard reflective fabric, cotton thread & mesh cloth to value the investments of our valuable customers. Our high quality reflective piping can be utilized in numerous products such as outdoor wear, bags, shoes, caps, belts, etc. reflective piping has the capability to glow providing sufficient light for the wearer to see at night or low-light areas.

Our primary reflective binding options include wide variety such as polycotton, colored cotton, polyester satin straight, etc which is preferred in large number of industries such as fashion, construction, sports, etc. Our reflective piping is versatile in nature which is why it fits in most of the applications & are well known throughout the globe due to their reliability & durability. Reflective material is a fabrication material that provides feasibility of not only most high quality fabrics but also ensures reflective properties that allows the designed material to be utilized in low light.

Woven is defined as the interlacing of yarns to form fabric. In order for a fabric to be considered as a woven it must have 3 properties Yarn in a warp direction, yarns in a filling & interlacing of these. Reflective Woven on other hand is referred to as a woven manufactured through reflective material. Gblight a pioneer of reflective product manufacturing designs most delicate & durable reflective woven & reflective binding piping. Our woven consists of wide angles whereas our reflective binding piping contains material consisting of exposed retroreflective lenses firmly connected together to a variety of long lasting materials in numerous shapes.

Gblight a name that has global recognition is trusted by large number of industrial giants of modern era. Company plays a vital role in terms of being a role model for other small & medium enterprises located within China. Company is ISO 9001 certified & our export material complies with all international standards. Feel free to browse through our wide range of reflective binding piping & reflective woven listed below for your esteemed consideration.


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