Manufacturer Of Reflective Textile And Reflective Synthetic Leather

Gblight is specialized manufacturer of reflective textile fabrics and pvc reflective synthetic leather for commercial and industrial applications. Following the trends in safety clothes industry, our company has focused its manufacturing concerns to produce highest in quality reflective textile for companies engaged in manufacturing reflective clothes for nighttime activities. With application of reflective clothing made from reflective textile, it will now become much safer for sprinters to jog and go out for nighttime walks.

To meet the modern quality demands of fabric industry, our company manufactures soft and breathable reflective textile that can be customized to make reflective outwear of desired lengths and sizes. We specialize in manufacturing reflective textile that are sports-friendly in terms of wind resistant and water repellent for sports-related activities. Recently, our company has gathered massive orders for our reflective textile with our PVC reflective synthetic leather as with their combination a number of companies have designed the most comfortable and attractive outwear for their customers.

The best thing that makes our reflective textile a value for your investment is that they are not only durable and safe but also attractive and eye-catching at night-time. Our reflective textile with combination of reflective synthetic leather results in a self-adhesive and easy to sew fabric that is not only strong but also tear resistant in jogging and hiking related activities. With our modern product innovations, our researches have improvised our reflective synthetic leather with increased retro-reflective features that increases the overall appeal and demand as chic and stylish product.

Our reflective synthetic leather is not just breathable but also flexible and evenly stretchable for sports related activities. Our reflective textile is also environmental friendly as it can withstand harsh weather conditions like moisture and humidity leaving no harm to the product fabric or wearer. Both our reflective textile and reflective synthetic leather have been approved safe as anti-microbial after series of sanitization tests in closed environment applications. If you want to buy value for investment reflective textile fabric, then order from Gblight to avail best in quality products in market competitive prices.


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